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Everything You Do in Nature, Is Good for You!

Our Arctic Wellbeing services bring you the best qualities of the arctic nature. You can enjoy the healing and soothing effects of the arctic peat and herbs and boost your blood circulation by dipping yourself into the ice cold water in the winter! Not forgetting the relaxing and rejuvenating effect the Sauna has for the body and mind.

While you bathe in the Sauna or the hot tub you can enjoy the surrounding Arctic Nature with snow and ice in the winter or the Midnight Sun in the summer. In the beginning of September, the surrounding nature is in bright colors of yellow, red and orange and at night, the sky can turn green and red with Aurora Borealis!

Our Wellbeing services consist of for example Sauna Yoga and healing treatments with arctic herbs, peat and tar. Contact us to tailor the Wellbeing mix best suited for your group!