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icon-person.png For 24 people

icon-heart.png Traditional Lakeside Sauna

icon-class.png Located in Iisakki Village with all-inclusive services 

icon-leaf.png SaunaYoga and SaunaPilates, SUP Fitness

The Finnish dream – Sauna by a lake! Iisakki's Sauna is just that: a wood-heated sauna by the lake with a massive 750kg stove. Heating the stove takes four hours, but the bather is rewarded with exceptionally slow and gentle steam. Marvel at the summer night in the open-air jacuzzi or take a dip in the cool lake. A truly classic sauna experience.

The speciality of Iisakki's Lakeside Sauna is SaunaYoga. This Finnish invention combines the tranquility of Finnish sauna and six simple yoga moves which relaxes and strenghts your body. Temperature in sauna is +50°C. This program is suitable for everybody and does not require any prior knowledge of yoga. Suitable outfit for Saunayoga is swimming suit or short-sleeves flexible clothes. 

Iisakki's Lakeside Sauna is located in the intriguing and beautiful Iisakki Village, owned by Ruka Safaris. Ruka Safaris is a family-owned full-service DMC with guided nature adventures around the year, a variety of accommodation options and private restaurants.

The CEO and owner of Ruka Safaris, Ms. Hanna, is also a Saunayoga instructor with weekly classes available for you!

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This Sauna is provided by: Ruka Safaris