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icon-person.png Herbal Sauna for up to 30 people

icon-heart.png Ice Sauna for 10 people is hot sauna build with ice

icon-class.png Wild Food Catering

icon-leaf.png Wild Herb Sauna Therapy Treatments

Pyhäpiilo - Sacred Hide - is hidden in the midsts of a sacred fell, on the shore of Lake Pyhäjärvi, with beautiful wilderness landscapes. Experience the traditional Finnish smoke sauna or enjoy spa treatments unlike anywhere else in the world! These treatments are a social event! Together in the sauna we make scrubs and masks from the Lappish wild herbs and traditional Finnish remedies, like tar and peat. Between the heats you can cool off by dipping into the ice-covered lake or roll in the snow!

Pyhäpiilo is part of a family of companies: Rukan Salonki Chalets & SaunasWild Food Restaurant Rukan Kuksa and Wild Food Restaurant Kultala

One of the owners, Ms. Marjo,  is also a qualified Sauna Therapist. She has studied all about the different wild herbs and old Finnish remedies so she knows what is the best sauna treatment for you!

Ice Sauna

Built from big blocks of ice, the Ice Sauna is a perfect combination of hot and cold and the thick steam has great health benefits. This is truly a unique experience! Between the heats you can cool off with a dip into the frozen lake.

The ice for the Ice Sauna is lifted from the lake surrounding Rukan Salonki cottages and water is so clear that the Ice Sauna walls become almost see-through!

The ice sauna is available from end of December until end of March/beginning of April; depending on weather conditions. In summer, you can treat your body with natural remedies in the Healing Peat Sauna or Traditional Finnish Cupping by Ms. Marjo, a qualified Sauna Therapist and Cupper, and also one of the owners of Rukan Salonki.


Additional details:

check-icon.png Spa Treatments Available check-icon.png Located on the Shore of Lake Pyhäjärvi check-icon.png Certified Sauna Experience check-icon.png Traditional Cupping Therapy Treatments Available check-icon.png Ice Sauna available from December til March (Depending on the Weather Conditions) check-icon.png All-Inclusive Holiday Services check-icon.png Housekeeping, Room Service & Concierge Service Available 


This Sauna is provided by: Rukan Salonki