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icon-person.png For 12 people

icon-heart.png Traditional Finnish Smoke Sauna

icon-class.png Wild Food Cooking Course in a Lappish Hut

icon-leaf.png Birch whisks & Beat Mask

The origins of the Finnish smoke sauna go back hundreds of years. The first guests to bathe inside the black-charred log walls of the Seven Star Smoke Sauna were important men from high places. These distinguished guests were so impressed by the skill of the Sauna Master and the outstanding qualities of the sauna, that the seven wooden stars on the outer wall are cherished as well deserved. The energy rush after dipping in the ice pool after the hot sauna completes the unforgettable experience.

Seven Star Smoke Sauna is in Isokenkäisten Klubi Wilderness Hotel and Restaurant, located only 2 km from the Russian border. This place is run by two sisters, Ms. Katja and Ms. Sirpa and the company was founded by their parents. 


Additional details:

check-icon.png Ice Pool Available check-icon.png Isokenkäisten Klubi Wilderness Hotel and Restaurant Services Available check-icon.png Certified Sauna Experience


This Sauna is provided by: Isokenkäisten klubi