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Are you madly in love with the Finnish Sauna or just looking for the most relaxing Detox Holiday?

SAUNATOUR was created by local companies in Kuusamo, each with its unique sauna and sauna story. 

You can choose to experience just one sauna or make a SAUNATOUR from one sauna to the next! 
The Saunas have received the national "Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience" quality certificate. The certificate is granted when the sauna services have passed the meticulous criteria listed in the quality manual. The certificate ensures that the quality levels of the sauna services are world-class and SaunaTour products are always guided with a local sauna guide.

Each sauna serves Wild Food snacks and drinks. With supplement you can also book a complete Wild food dinner.

SAUNATOUR was created in 2013 by local family-owned companies in Kuusamo area, each with its unique sauna and sauna story.

Build your itinerary from the various activities, events, seminars and theme parties for a perfect wellbeing holiday break with your friends, family or company. We will take care of your accommodation, transfers, activities, bookings and meals to make sure you have a care-free journey.

The Ultimate Saunatour (for groups 8 - 16 persons)

On the Ultimate Saunatour you will have Authentic Finnish Sauna Experiences over 12 hours and in five different locations! Ultimate Saunatour is always tailored according to your group's wishes and timetable. Contact us to start planning the best Saunatour for your group!