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Wild Food is Essential to the Saunatour Experience

Wild Food is an essential part of Finnish food tradition and culture. It’s simple but delicious and it suits perfectly to traditional and modern dishes. Wild Food from Kuusamo Lapland is produced from natural ingredients with straightforward methods. It’s always locally produced and often grown free in the wild.

Our Wild Food consists of hand-picked berries, mushrooms and herbs, locally produced root vegetables, fish from fresh water creeks and lakes, reindeer and elk grown free in our forests and traditional dairy products like famous Finnish sqeaky cheese. These raw ingredients become the most delicious culinary experiences in the hands of the Chefs at our Saunas! You can also purchase Wild Food products from our local grocery stores and shops or visit other local restaurants.

Wild Food is a key part of Saunatour Experiences. You can also learn more about all the super foods in Kuusamo by taking part in a cooking course; by foraging with your own wilderness guide in the surrounding forests or trying your luck in catching your own fish!

Our wild food restaurants

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